Krav Maga Bromsgrove

If you'd like to learn Krav Maga then KM6 Bromsgrove is the best place to start

Krav Maga Brosgrove

Krav Maga taught by the very best in Bromsgrove


Krav Maga Bromsgrove offers classes in the world famous system of self defence, Krav Maga. Based in the heart of Bromsgrove our new beginners Krav Maga sessions are an ideal place for those seeking first class self defence training.

Training at Krav Maga Bromsgrove involves training in system fundamentals (striking, movement, defences etc) before moving onto tactics and more advanced work such as sparring. Training at Krav Maga Bromsgrove is conducted in a fun, family friendly and stimulating environment where our experienced team of instructors will guide you through your training. For your opportunity to train in Krav Maga in Bromsgrove contact us at Krav Maga Bromsgrove to set up your free taster session.


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