Building Survivors

Our Training

At Kalah UK we train men and women from every walk of life to defend themselves and their loved ones. We train emergency services, military and security personnel as well as doctors, nurses, house wives and teachers. The Kalah System is not a sports fighting style, nor is it a typical self-defense program, it’s combat system. We deal with real world violence, in a real way.

Kalah is the end result of countless years tactical experience with its development linked back to the most active combat units of the Israeli military. It comprises a full hand-to-hand combat syllabus, weapons and firearms training.

The clubs doors are open to everyone, but our training will not be for everyone. Training in Kalah is hard, you will sweat, you will get bruised, you may get angry and maybe even cry. You will be pushed beyond what you believe your limits are and gain a better understanding of yourself.

Most importantly you will learn how to survive violence.

Students are taught world-class techniques but also trained to face, understand and cope with the fear of violence. Realism sets Kalah apart from other ways of training. We believe in pushing our training to the highest levels, testing our techniques under real pressure to make sure that they work in the real world, not just in a training center.

All of this will be necessary to teach you the mentality that will be needed to deal with violence in a true combat situation.

Everyone is equal, there is no place for ego.

The common thread binding our students is will: The will to commit, the will to do what is necessary and the will to work hard to reach our goals. This ‘will’ is ultimately what will make the difference between life and death. It also builds a club atmosphere like few others.

Our objective is to train you to save your life or the life of your loved ones in a combat situation.

We are not a lifestyle gym, a fitness club or a martial arts center where the aim is to chase meaningless promotion through an array of colored belts.

We are here to provide the best combat training possible and we are the best at what we do. Training is tough, training is exhausting, there are no short cuts and physical and psychological breakdowns do occur. All this is not to break you but to build you. You will discover more strength than you thought possible.

Our students are people who can adapt to this mentality. They are our gold standard and they makes Kalah UK exclusive, but not closed.

Come and find out what makes Kalah training so effective: